Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Ideas make businesses successful. An idea becomes a prototype and evolves into a product or a service. The product or service creates sales and turns it into profits. Profits in-turn generates jobs, sales, and even more ideas. This cycle is extremely crucial to any organisation.
With extensive expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) Management, our services include:

  • Patent Search

With SMEs in deciphering patent documents, technical descriptions, and invention disclosures along with skilled research specialists in formulating complex search strategies, our search process is designed to ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery. Through these search results, we help clients in identifying potential patent barriers, scope of patentability, commercialising opportunities, and supporting patent or non-patent documents for prosecution or defense and so on.

  • Prosecution Support

By focusing on strategic patent prosecution, we support you in the variety of increasingly important post-issuance proceedings available to patentees. We also coordinate closely with our patent litigation group in developing and executing both offensive and defensive strategies

  • Annuity Management

With a corporate annuity management team comprising experts in the fields of finance, securities, intensive computation of insurance, mutual funds, accountancy, law, human resource management, and IT, we provide rich experience of the corporate annuity business management and services through specialised, standardised, and personalised services for clients.

  • Renewal Payments

Corporate renewal formulates and implements integrated leadership, strategic, financial, organisational and operational change on a company-wide basis. Our corporate renewal services unlock and sustain corporate value through reshaping the functional areas of business - leadership, strategy, financial, organisation and operations.

  • Establishing IP Processes, Technology and Technical Assistance

Through our experience of investing in our own technology portfolio, we have developed a proprietary assessment methodology to help our clients understand their technology or intellectual property’s true potential. This ensures that future plans are based on a strong and realistic foundation.

  • Executing IP Strategies

In addition to continuous cost-benefit optimisation, by constantly emphasising value generation for the company, we assist in securing the markets of today and tomorrow. We also address issues pertaining to the in/out-licensing of IP rights and accompany you in defining or revising your strategic targets, and implementing the best strategy within the company.

  • Legal Assistance

We provide high quality and cost-efficient support services in areas such as transactions, contract management, anti-bribery and compliance, and legal research. We also help you work smarter by alleviating many of the more repetitive tasks and enabling you to focus on higher-level strategic work.