Transaction Structuring
Our professionals offer advice on designing a deal structure that primarily targets the growth of the company and how it affects transactions made by the organisation.
The team offers a broad range of services including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

With extensive insight and expertise to guide corporate and private equity investors through every stage of the merger and acquisition process, we assist clients in developing growth strategies based on their goals in order to prepare them to capitalise on opportunities. We recommend established strategies and solutions to give clients the confidence and support to achieve unique growth objectives.

  • Private Equity Transactions

By offering a private equity transaction framework, we help you connect your overall capital strategy while your focus lies on preserving, optimising, investing and raising capital. This framework will also help you consider capital options while keeping in mind the economic cycle.

  • Divestments

We offer to assist clients in realising value, accelerate growth and minimise business disruptions. We help clients in reaching their strategic goals, optimising portfolio, evaluating risks and rewards along with preparing them to execute safe and secure transactions.

  • PFI/PPP Bids

In case you’re biding for a major PPP or PFI project, your insurance considerations might be diverse. Standard lender and authority requirements are accepted by the market while certain authorities may have requirements that are hard to meet. Lenders may also require assurances as to the security of your insurers. Specific sectors and activities also give rise to their own set of risks. We help you achieve the best possible cover keeping in mind maximum discounts by offering insurers a portfolio of premium and risk.

  • Group Re-organisation

With a combination of expertise in corporate and financial strategy, business management, operational profit enhancement, restructuring and corporate recovery, we deliver valuable and insightful re-organisation advice to clients. We offer a broad range of services to a variety of stakeholders, such as government, regulators, banks, financial Institutions, shareholders, directors, debtors and creditors.

  • Restructuring

We assist investors and organisations to improve their total expected return in times of uncertainty and poor performance or growth. We help in evaluating your business plans objectively and develop strategies to address possible breaches, negotiate with stakeholders and comply with insolvency.

  • Strategic alliances

We help organisations define their business vision and strategy, evaluate and choose potential partners, develop a working relationship and mutual recognition of opportunities with the prospective partner, and also negotiate and implement formal agreements that also monitors performance